About us

mikewk90, 29 August 2017

Our company was set up in 1983. Then, at the area of 4,5 ha
we started prodcuing deciduous shrubs in the ground with the
aim of housing estate and municipal planting. Over time our stock
has become expanding with some conifers. Finally, in the middle
of the 90s they became our major. At present, at the area of 5,5 ha
we are producing huge specimens of conifers in the pots.
Most plants, especially those of raised sort are planted with
„pot in pot“ method. This type of prodcution enables us to gain not
only high quality plants, but also continuous availability at the
market and possibility of planting them from the beginning of
spring till late autumn without being afraid of bad adaptation in
the new surrounding. The biggest advantage of this method is
good condition of our plants during transportation as well as their
stay in the garden centre that distinguishes our plants in
comparison with those produced in the ground.
We kindly invite you to visit our nursery-garden and wish
you successful shopping.